London Capital Ring 4 : Sudbury Hill to Hendon Park

Start: Sudbury Hill Tube Station

Finish: Brent Cross Bus Station

Length: 14.429 km / 8.9 miles

Weather: Sunny to start, grey gloom later

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I had been putting-off this section as I envisaged just endless streets of grey, suburban sprawl.

So uninspiring I thought it might be, I even did the Wimbledon to Richmond section out of sequence to avoid this section for another day.

I need not have worried!

There are parts of this section that are just as green and rural as found on the Wimbledon to Richmond section. I was pleasantly surprised by Fryent Country Park and had to hack my way through the undergrowth by Prestwick Park Hospital. However, there was a lot of walking through grey, suburban streets that made my feet ache by the end of the day. Also I ended up at a shopping centre (Brent Cross) and had to walk over the M1!



Not far from Sudbury Hill tube station: Green Lane or as it is known locally 'Piggy Lane'.


Harrow-on-the-Hill gantry on the Green. Historians at CAMRA say there may be as few as 10 gantry signs in the UK. The Kings Head's sign is rare as it is free standing on a green, whilst the majority straddle roads, attached to buildings on either side.


Harrow School.


Vaughan Library.


View to the City from Harrow-on-the-Hill.



Unusual name for a lane.


There's a path somewhere! Between Northwick Park Hospital and Golf Coarse.

Not fun wading through brambles and stinging nettles when you're wearing shorts and t-shirt.

And there was me thinking this section of the 'ring' would all be done on streets.


OK so there was quite a lot of this too: North-West London suburban sprawl.


Fryent Country Park.


Looking back to Harrow-on-the-Hill off in the distance, from whence I came.


I had my lunch here: the trig point at the top of Barn Hill, Fryent Country Park looking down onto Wembley Stadium.


Fryent Country Park.


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