The Monarch's Way

Start: Chaddesley Corbett

Finish: Hagley

Length: 11.2 km / 7 miles

Weather: Damp and gloomy

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I've had my Monarch's Way guide book for a couple of years now without actually doing any section walks from it. So, back in the Midlands for Christmas, I was determined to do some of the walk.

Looking back to Chaddesley Corbett.

Chaddesley Corbett


Dark clouds gathering to the north - the direction I was heading.

the Monarch's Way


The first water obstacle of the day.

the Monarch's Way


Harvington Hall, slightly off-route but worth making the detour. Unfortunately it was closed. It is well known and notable for its vestment-hide and seven priest-holes, four of which are built around the main staircase.

Harvington Hall


The Monarch's Way markers can be spotted up and down the country. The route starts in Worcester and eventually ends in Bridport, Dorset, via Wolverhampton and the Cotswolds - some 615 miles in total.

the Monarch's Way


Looking over to Titterstone Clee Hill with snow on top of it.

Titterstone Clee Hill


Bellington Farm. Shortly before this I had had to walk across a field where there was a pheasant and partridge shoot taking place. Luckily they stopped and waited for me.

Bellington Farm


Near Fishers Castle farm.


Fishers Castle farm shop. Read more

stanleys farm shop


stanleys farm shop


The view from Barnett Hill to Harborough Hill.

Barnett Hill to Harborough Hill


Walking in the woods by Stakenbridge.

Stakenbridge Pool


Mill cottage near to Brake Mill farm.


Cottage near to Brake Mill farm.


Brake Mill plantation.


The Birches House, off in the gloom.

pewley down