London Capital Ring pt. 8

Start: Woolwich Arsenal DLR

Finish: Grove Park

Length: 16.337 km / 10.15 miles

Weather: Cold and windy

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The journey on the DLR to Woolwich Arsenal was great fun, sat on the front seat of a driverless train. But when I started my walk a fierce, cold wind blew straight down the Thames.

The start of my walk: the Woolwich ferry, with the docklands and Canary Wharf off in the distance.


Glad to get off the Thames side path, the Capital Ring takes you through Maryon Park. Nicely sheltered from the cold wind.


Climb the steps...


...and more steps.


Cross the road which takes you into Maryon Wilson Park.



Charlton House, built by Sir Adam Newton and completed in 1612. Said to be the best example of Jacobean architecture in London.


Still in Charlton Park.


Woolwich Common awaits you across the road.


Woolwich Common. During the 18th and 19th century, before engaging in overseas campaigns, the British army would assemble and camp here. From here they would travel to Woolwich Arsenal to collect their weaponery before embarking on ships in the Thames.


More steps on Eltham Common take you into Castle Wood.


The Castle in the Woods is revealed. A.K.A. Severndroog Castle. It was built to commemorate Commodore Sir William James who, in April 1755, attacked and destroyed the island fortress of Suvarnadurg, India.



The Cafe hut at Oxleas Meadows.


Oxleas Meadows.


One of many muddy paths in Oxleas Woods and Shepherdleas Wood.


Confusing and conflicting signage, which meant you have to have a guide book to hand and always follow the paler green signs. For the most part The Green Chain Walk took main stage and the LCR signage appeared to be of secondary importance and less prominent.


A view back to London.


The park next to Eltham Warren Golf Club.


Another one for the collection of unusual road names.


Eltham Palace and its moat. The principal country residence of the English monarchy between the early 14th century to the mid 16th century. In the 30s the palace was aquired by the Courtauld family.


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