London Capital Ring pt. 9

Start: Grove Park

Finish: Crystal Palace

Length: 12.865 km/ 7.9 miles

Weather: Fair

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OK, so not the most encouraging of starts to a day of walking. S.E. London suburbia here we come. Having walked beside the Quaggy river for a few 100 yards, I then turned left along Marvels Lane.

Marvels Lane


This sign evokes a genteel, rural idyll... unfortunately for the start of the walk the truth was far removed from this.


Entrance to the Grove Park Nature Reserve. Unfortunately the route didn't go in this direction.


Shaw Road and Undershaw Road, Downham.

Shaw Road and Undershaw Road Downham


The start of the Woodland Walk.

Woodland Walk Downham


Beckenham Place Park


Beckenham Place Park.

Beckenham Place Park



Capital Ring sign post


Looking over the golf course to Beckenham Place.


Beckenham Place.


Beckenham Place was re-built by wealthy timber merchant John Cator. He incorporated features of his previous house. The son of a Herefordshire timber merchant and Quaker, Cator joined the family business which had relocated to a new London base in Southwark, and sought to capitalise on the growth of the capital by investing in property, mainly in south-east London and Kent.

Beckenham Place Park



Beckenham Place Park


A first glimpse of my destination - Crystal Palace, from Stumps Hill Lane


David Wynne's 1961 statue of Guy the Gorilla in Crystal Palace Park.


The Megaloceros


The Iguanodons

Iguanodon models crystal palace park


The Ichthyosaurus

The Ichthyosaurus crystal palace park



Crystal Palace Athletics stadium

Crystal Palace Athletics stadium


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