London Capital Ring pt. 10

Start: Crystal Palace

Finish: Streatham Common

Length: 6.726 km/ 4.17 miles

Weather: Fair

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The hilliest section of the Capital Ring. I had to cross three 'ridges' with lots of ups and downs, but was rewarded with splendid views to the city on one side and the Downs to the south. Luckily I had very good train links for my journey to and from SE London, which was good because this section felt like it was over before it got started.


Looking up Anerley Hill at the start of the walk.

Anerley Hill


Looking down Belvedere Road. Belvedere means beautiful view in Italian.


Upper Norwood Rec.

Upper Norwood Rec


Upper Norwood Rec.

Upper Norwood Rec


Upper Norwood Rec.

Upper Norwood Rec


View from Biggin Hill (Road).

View from Biggin Hill


Biggin Wood, one of the remnants of the ancient Great North Wood that used to extend from Croydon to Dartford.


Emerging from Biggin Wood I was treated to some early cherry blossom, near to Covington Way.


The gate for Norwood Grove was locked so I had to walk up Gibbon Hill, a rough, un-made road, to find another entrance.


Norwood Grove, known locally as the Whitehouse for obvious reasons. It was built in the 1840s for Mr Anderson, the founder of Arthur Anderson, also joint founder of P&O and also for MP of the Shetland Isles (all one person by the way).

Norwood Grove


It's worth making a slight detour to view the Rookery, between Norwood Grove and Streatham Common.


Looking down Streatham Common, towards the A23.


streatham common bird watch


streatham common


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