London Capital Ring 1

Start: Richmond Station

Finish: Ealing Hospital (607 bus stop)

Length: 9.141 km / 5 miles

Weather: Fine, sunny day

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Having borrowed a guide book from the library, today saw me start the Capital Ring. Short on time we decided to do a short section closest to home. I have had the Capital Ring in the back of my mind for a while now and although totally different to the London Loop, it appears easier to complete in terms of length and getting to the start point of each new section.

I fully intend to complete the walk in sequential sections from now on!

A short walk from Richmond station, over the Green and along the river, brought us to the Richmond Lock. Here the Capital Ring crosses the Thames.


Walking through the streets of Isleworth we passed two pubs, one well known, which serves a fine pint of London Pride. Sadly on this occasion it was far too early (10am) and neither pub appeared to be open.

A short while before reaching these pubs I had become aware of another solo walker either following the Capital Ring or the Thames Path...a few paces behind us.

I slowed, stopped to read something insignificant and allowed him to pass. A short distance ahead of us he stopped to study some fence posts or such-like, which meant that we then over took him. He then started walking again and was, once again, a few yards behind us. This was becoming tiresome.

So we sped up and were able to put some space between us and him.

At Syon House there is a very nice garden centre. En route to the toilets in the centre I spied some outdoor jackets in a sale, so stopped to take a look. Who should appear and start to look at the same sale lines? Yes you guessed it, the lone walker. So I left him to it and went and used the toilet. Who should appear in the toilet, yes yet again the lone shark? He went into a cubile and I beat a hasty retreat. We didn't see him for the rest of the day!



Picturesque houses next to the river at Isleworth.


A green plaque on one of the houses. I've never seen a green plaque before and don't know how they differ to blue plaques.


Heading into Syon House Park


Having walked through Syon House Park, the Capital ring takes you along the River Brent, passing a lot of new developments at Brentford Lock.


Pass under the A4, near to the GSK 'monolith'. This was built in 30 months by Mace in 2002.


The Capital Ring crosses the river over this foot bridge. Not far after crossing it we were lucky enough to spot a kingfisher perched on an over hanging tree and dive into the river. Unfortunately it didn't catch anything and took off to find a better spot.


Osterley Locks.


Nearing the end of our walk.


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