London Capital Ring pt. 12

Start: Royal Albert Dock

Finish: Woolwich

Length: 7.24 km/ 4.5 miles

Weather: Fair, warm

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Unfortunately I found a large part of this section a bit dismal and very uninspiring! It has the feel of the place that time forgot. But in contrast the City Airport, Uni of East London & the DLR make it feel a very modern place. Therefore the area must be ripe for development.


A short walk from the Royal Albert tube station takes you to Beckton District Park.

Beckton District Park


Beckton District Park


The oddly named Cyprus DLR station, named after the nearby Victorian estate of Cyprus, itself named in honour of the British colonisation of the island in 1878.

Cyprus DLR station


Cyprus DLR station


City Airport on the opposite side of Royal Albert Dock, home to the University of East London's new Docklands Campus.

City Airport


City Airport


Looking out to the Thames from near to Gallion's and Magellan's Road. This part of the walk was deserted and did feel rather like the end of the road.


A foot bridge at the entrance to Gallion's Point Marina.


The most dismal point of the whole Capital Ring - a muddy track between a scrap yard and some rough land, a points you had to walk through overhanging bushes. This was winter so I don't know what it's like in the height of summer.



Looking across the Thames to Woolwich.


The entrance to the foot tunnel. Both entrances to the tunnel are Grade II listed buildings. The tunnel was designed by Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice and built by Walter Scott & Middleton. It was opened in 1912.


A walk through the tunnel brought me to the end of my walk and the end of the London Capital Ring.


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