Monyash and Lathkill Dale

Start: Monyash

Finish: Monyash

Length: 7.24 km/ 4.5 miles

Weather: Hot and sunny

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This a short walk starting in Monyash and takes you through the Derbyshire Dales, to Lathkill Dale and back to Monyash. It's an easy going walk with a few steep sections to climb but at the same time it takes you through a picturesque and historic part of the Peak District.


We started the walk by going through St Leonard's churchyard, with it's spire and out the other side through a squeeze style.

St Leonard's church monyash


milkings lane monyash


This lane was followed to Fern Dale.



The view to the right....



...and the view to the left of the Derbyshire Dales.



We walked a long part of the Limestone Way. It is a 74km or 46 mile route through the Derbyshire limestone dales, starting at Castleton and finishes in the Dove valley at Rocester.



Refreshments can be bought at One Ash Grange Farm. Originally it was a farming outpost of Roche Abbey settled by the Cistercian monks of Roche Abbey in 1147. According to tradition, monks who had misbehaved were sent here; there is a similar story about Mouldridge Grange.


Having past One Ash Grange Farm, we decended into Cales Dale.


Our first view of Lathkill Dale.


We crossed the footbridge at the bottom of Cales Dale and Lathkill Dale, where we had our lunch.


Lathkill Dale was bit of rock scramble over both large boulders and small scree.


We past the disused Ricklow Quarry on the right.


Lathkill Dale.


At the head of Lathkill Dale, where we eventually emerged on the B5055 and followed it back into Monyash.


After the walk we headed to the Lathkil Hotel at Over Haddon and were treated to a great range of beers and fantastic views from the beer garden.