London Capital Ring 2

Start: Ealing Hospital (607 bus stop)

Finish: Sudbury Hill Tube Station

Length: 10.25 km / 6 miles

Weather: Fine, sunny day

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I set off early to take the bus to Ealing Hospital. Arriving at the bus stop I had two options: take the 207(stopping service) which was due, or wait 6 minutes for the 607 (fast service). I decided on the former, against my better judgement! As it was early on a Saturday morning the roads were empty, I fully expected to make fast progress. The driver had different ideas, being 'ahead of schedule'. He drove slowly and slowed down even further on approaching a green traffic light, of which there are many on this route, in the attempt to let them turn red.

Very frustrating, but I bit my lip and chose not to say anything to the driver.

Approaching the viaduct at Hanwell. I assume this is a Brunel construction.


St Mary's C of E church.


West Middlesex Golf Club course



A bridge over the River Brent, leaving the golf course. I made a slight mistake by not taking an immediate left on the other side of the bridge, but then again there was no sign post, so I headed staight on, which meant I had to back-track when I came to the road.


Brent Vally Park, heading towards Greenford.



The footbridge that takes the Capital Ring over the A40. Not the most picturesque part of the walk, lead me to question why I was spending such a lovely Saturday morning in such a dire place. I suppose throughout the Capital Ring coming across these kind of places is inevitable and therefore it is best just to accept it and not to question it too much.



I joined the Grand Union Canal at this bridge. Although you don't cross it, on the other side there are some playing fields where my youngest daughter competed in this years School's District Cross-country Competition. She came 15th out of about 150 children of her age and the school year above her.

Sorry, I digress... back to the Capital Ring.


Come off the towpath and cross over this bridge at Horsenden Lane.


A stepped path leads you up Horsenden Hill.



Fine views from the top over the surrounding conurbation.

Once I had descended Horsenden Hill, the Capital Ring takes you through suburban streets, evetually ending up at Sudbury Hill tube station.



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