Broome Circular Walk

Start: Broome, Worcestershire (village hall car park)

Finish: Broome, Worcestershire

Length: 6.28 km / 3.9 miles

Weather: Cloudy

Map Link

I devised this walk, using my OS map, to take in the gentle, Worcestershire countryside around Broome. It is an area I am very familiar with, so I was keen that the route used footpaths I hadn't previously used.

The only worry about planning a route on an OS map, with no prior knowledge, is what state will the paths be in? Will they actually exit or will you have to resort to long detours by road? All the paths were in very good order and clearly marked, so no worries there.


At the start of the walk, going up the lane to leave Broome village.


Our route towards Red Hall Farm.



The path across the field towards Hossil Lane.


Hossil Lane!


Useful footpath sign and bridge over a stream.


Looking back at the route we had come along, with Clent and Walton Hills in the distance.


The path up to Sion House.


Drayton can be seen off in the distance.


It was the Easter Holidays afterall... Egg Lane.


And we had experienced very wet weather... Watery Lane.


As we crossed Hackman's Gate Lane and walked through the next field, the clouds had broken up sufficiently to let the sun shine. Unfortunately we were near to the end of our lovely walk.