Hagley, Worcestershire

Start: Western Road, Hagley

Finish: Hagley car park

Length: 8.67 km / 5.3 miles

Weather: Damp, dull and dark.

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This is a walk I devised to take in some of the coutryside that surrounds Hagley. We were lucky enough to have a driver willing to drop us off at the start and pick us up at the end, making it a linear walk. It could be easily adapted to make it a circular walk by parking in Hagley or using the train to get to Hagley and then walking up Western Road to where we stated.

The walk starts at the top of Western Road, where you turn off towards Field House. I don't actually know the name of this road, but we always knew it as Field House Lane. When I was growing up in Hagley, Field House was some kind of remand home for 'naughty' girls, who would regularly escape and make a break for it across the fields!

field house lane


The Field House lodges. Cross the lane and head up Holy Cross Green (lane)

field house lane


After a short while climb over a stile and walk over the fields on your right, towards Broome.

broome fields worcs


broome fields worcs


Walk down the lane to Broome.

broome worcs


Broome Church.

broome church


The path across the fields at the Hundred Acres Farm track.

Hundred Acres Farm


Walk through the wood by Knoll Hill House.



The path between the two mill ponds.

brake lane


Harborough Hill House, taken near to the A456. There used to be a joke when I was at school in Hagley, What is the best thing to come out of Hagley? Answer, the A456. Well, it amused us.

brake lane


At Stakenbridge Lane, go under the railway bridge and take a path on the right, beside the mill pool.

Stakenbridge lane


Cross Brake Lane and follow the path up towards The Birches. Now we are on part of the imfamous Haybridge High School cross country run, that we had to do in PE if it was too wet to play football!

brake lane


Wychbury Hill seen through the murk.

brake lane


The field of dreams - Hagley Haybridge High School playing fields, scene of many a sporting conquest apart from when we lost 11-3 against Harry Cheshire School.

haybridge high school


The field of nightmares - Hagley rec, scene of many a skirmish with the boys from Hagley RC Scool. We all lived to tell the tale though.

hagley rec


The railway bridge at Hagley station, which Hornby used to create a scaled-down replica.

hagley railway bridge