London Capital Ring: Wimbledon Park to Richmond

Start: Richmond Station

Finish: Wimbledon Park Tube Station

Length: 11.42 km / 7.1 miles

Weather: Bright to start with, but quickly became gloomy

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I was at a loose-end as where to go for a walk and considered this to be bit of a compromise compared to heading out to the Chilterns. I need not have worried, even in the heart of Greater London, this proved to have a rural-feel to it. It follows the London Capital Ring and so keen observers will note I have already done this walk, albeit the other way round. My previous account can be read here

I managed to complete it with out any toilet catastrophes similar to those experienced on my previous walk on this route.

I don't recommend you attempt this walk by following the Capital Ring markers, they are not that obvious in places.


The route initially takes you along the Thames.


The riverside at Richmond, shortly before heading across the Petersham Meadows.


I walked past Petersham Church, crossed the road and then followed the Capital Ring signs up the hill towards Pembroke Lodge and the Mound.


Petersham Park was looking very autumnal.



I walked around Sidmouth Wood and Queen Elizabeth Plantation and took a right.


The London Capital Ring bisects the two Ponds. This is Penn Pond.


...and this is Leg of Mutton Pond.


Penn Pond again.


Spankers Hill Wood on the left, heading down to the Robin Hood Gate.


I crossed over the busy A3 onto Wimbledon Common.


Queen's Mere and it's starting to get gloomy already.


The big top and all the fun of the circus in Wimbledon Park.


I don't know if this pond in Wimbledon Pak has an official name. The All England Tennis Club can be seen on the other side in the gloom.